Ignorantia juris non excusat – The debt mess and our stand against it

Not from a strictly Legal point of view, but the principle suggests we’re not exempt of a share of responsibility for the current state of economic and social affairs.  It’s OK, we have the right to raise our voice against the abuses of power and spread the word about the dangers of collectivism and the new-left political winds, but we must acknowledge the role that we, as members of democratic societies, have played in these developments.  We were gradually taught and convinced by our governments that infinite growth and reckless consumption was not only possible but necessary if we were to build a prosperous State. We were perhaps spoiled and saidconsumerism-illustration we could live beyond our means forever,  just float the currency and spin the wheel,.. it will never stop. Well, it turns out we’re starting to wake up and realize that all of the growing turmoil and social unrest has something to do with our willful adherence to a dishonest bet.  Then we shout our outrage and wonder how things could get this bad..

Just as people grow up and stop blaming parents for their own mistakes, so we should stop believing our governments will take us out of trouble for it’s all their fault. They’ve become so addicted to lie as our economy to an ever increasing money supply. A new attitude is needed, one that is born from the understanding of our culture and how it has contributed to the detriment of the values we hold dear; the very foundation of our civilization: Our civil rights… our human rights.




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