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The end of political continuity – Costa Rica Elects

Posted in Política on abril 6, 2014 by MasrDavy

bloggerHonestly, I have never believed a political party or group of representatives under the flag of an ideal can do much  to change a long chain of weary attitudes, mischief with public treasury, rheumatic bureaucracy, corruption and convenient short sight in critical decisions such as infrastructure and Industry. The real power is in our hands, the change starts with every decision you make as a citizen, customer, father/mother, worker,… The many issues we face as a nation are deeply related with the way we think and act.  It is a fact, however, that a real leader might bring some sanity to our government and create a perception that inspires real change among the people, but we should never put our hopes 100% in it, regardless of how passionate, honest and sharp the speech of a candidate may sound.

I voted of course,… Voted to say No to continuity, not for a party , not for a flag. I’ve been living in Costa Rica for 14 years and can say it is a blessed land. A country  totally worth fighting for.  We definitely need new leaders, fresh ideas and a real sense of direction from our government, but despite all this we should never forget our duty and commitment to freedom.